Welcome to the Winnebago County Master Gardener Association

We are an organization made up of individuals who are passionate about horticulture AND want to give back to their community. We don’t know everything about gardening but are eager for opportunities to learn more and to help others in the community better understand horticulture and their environment.

Our mission is to provide research based horticulture education, community service and environmental stewardship to our community in affiliation with the University of Wisconsin-Cooperative Extension which provides the 36 hours of initial general horticultural training required for certification as a Master Gardener. Twenty-four (24) hours of community service is also required annually.

The Winnebago County Master Gardener Association has two social meetings per year (typically June and December) and two business meetings per year. The business meetings incorporate an educational component for credit towards the annual education requirement to maintain MG certification.

Octagon House

Plant Help Line

The Winnebago County UWEX Master Gardeners Helpline is 920-232-1986 or email plant advice.

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