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The first four websites listed below are filled with excellent horticulture tip sheets (web pages 1-4). The Wisconsin Horticulture Update recordings are archived at the next web page (5). Plant health diagnostic web pages are 7-8. Official UW publications, such as those found in your Master Gardener training manual are found at the Learning Store web page. Most UW-Extension publications can be viewed for free there. The Winnebago County Master Gardeners Helpline link is web page 9.

  1. Wisconsin Horticulture
  2. Wisconsin Master Gardener Program
  3. For Your Information - Lawn and Garden
  4. Urban Horticulture
  5. Wisconsin Horticulture Update Recorded Archives
  6. UW-Extension Plant DOC Archives
  7. Plant Diagnostic Clinic
  8. Publications – The Learning Store
  9. Email Winnebago County University of Wisconsin—Extension Master Gardener Plant Health Advisors
  10. UW Insect Diagnostic Lab
  11. Renz Weed Lab